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There are a lot of outdoor activities to get involved in while in Arequipa. Such as adrenaline filled water rafting, hiking the Colca Canyon and biking through the most picturesque parts of the city. In addition we have combined hiking the PichuPichu with a bike downhill from 5000m (15.000 ft) altitude: A challenging and exhilarating four hour downhill mountain bike tour from 4800 m into the city of Arequipa (2’225 m).

The tour begins with a 2 hour 4×4 drive through striking desert scenery up to the electricity station on Chanchani situated at 4’800 m.

The biking starts with an unforgettable descent down a winding gravel road followed by a technically demanding stony path and an adrenaline inducing cross-country sand track. It finishes with an enjoyable descent into the outskirts of Arequipa.


Your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel at 8.30am and depart for PichuPichu in the 4×4 with our bicycles attached. The 2 hour drive takes us through a windswept mountain side. To the east is the majestic grandeur of Misti Volcano. It is well worth a photo stop to capture the changing moods of the mountain. After this we arrive at the electricity station located at 4’000 m, the departure point of our downhill cycle.

This first part of the cycle winds down through this unique alpine semi-desert, with the chance to see vicuñas, a member of the camelidos family. After 10 kilometres we come to the stone road, this is the most technically and physically demanding part of the journey. The track takes us through a wild and desolate landscape with many large stones to navigate and some gentle inclines.

You will continuing the downhill via the cross country road down a sand path where adrenaline flows and the daredevils have a chance to shine. The sand offers a soft landing for the falls the more adventurous cyclists are bound to have.

Reaching the desolate outskirts of Arequipa this unforgettable cycle ends with a fantastic view of the PichuPichu Volcano.

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