Titikaka Full Day

$ 500.00


1 Day


Daily 9am



Groups from 2-6 Participants

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You will be picked up directly from you hotel at 8am and transferred down to the harbour. At the harbour we will embark a motorized boat that will take us to the tribes of the Uros people. The boat ride lasts approximately 30 minutes and offers fine views of Lake Titicaca, as well as surrounding mountains.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by a group of islanders, who will then show us around. Your guide will explain important aspects of the islander’s lives. Afterwards you will go for a ride in a small reed boat made by the Uros people. The reed boat will take you from one island to another, so you may meet other locals from other islands.

In Uros you will be able to purchase magnificent handcrafted souvenirs made by the Uros women. Their little souvenir shops are located outdoor and display an array of products mainly made by hand.

At 11am we will depart towards the Island of Taquile, this takes approximately 1hour and 30mintues. When you reach the island, you will walk along a narrow path, enjoying on the way impressive views of the Lake Titicaca and also see gorgeous little houses inhabited by the direct decedents of the Inca Culture.

This is a traditional Quechua speaking community, full of ancient agricultural terraces and some ruins dating back to the pre-Inca times. The weaving tradition of the Taquile Island goes back to early civilizations, thus keeps elements from pre-Inca Andean cultures alive in the present. All weaving is done on pre-Inca fixed and pedal looms. The most characteristic garments are the so-called “Chullo”, a knitted hat with an earflap, and “The Calendar Waistband”, depicting the annual cycles connected to ritual and agricultural activities.

You will then enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the beautiful local restaurants with breath taking views before returning to the city of Puno.

Estimated arrival time to Puno 17:30 hours where your tour will end.

Tour Included

This tour includes:

  • Transfers to and from your hotel
  • Entrance fees.
  • Professional bilingual tour guide.
  • Boat trip
  • 1 Lunch

Does not Include

Aditional Information


We recommend you bring:

  • Warm clothing,
  • Gloves
  • Woolly hats
  • Bottle of water
  • Binoculars.

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